Why choose GOLFJOY?


From connecting the launch monitors to your mobile device to building out your own personal golf simulator, it is very user friendly. The portable launch monitors connect via bluetooth which allows for quick pairing.

Also, you can build your own personal golf simulator in just an hour! We'd say that's pretty simple.


Our entry level launch monitor starts at just $499!


Get 23 Precision Data Points with each shot!

Developed independently by Golfjoy, the GOLFJOY golf intelligent software system, in conjunction with high-speed camera sensors, integrates the latest AI algorithm models to provide 23 key golf data points, including clubhead speed, axis of rotation, launch angle, and strike efficiency. The system supports user-defined settings for displaying data items, with an accuracy rate of ≥99.5%.

Cutting Edge

GOLFJOY's golf simulator software offers an unparalleled Ultra 4K HD 3D GOLF COURSE experience, powered by the world-renowned Unreal Engine. Shot tracing appears INSTANTLY!


From the driving range, golf courses and mini games, you are sure to have fun while also getting better.

The golf courses in our software contain a multi-weather system, which brings you a different, more realistic, feeling.

Our indoor simulator in action